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Zhangjiagang East District Urban Design

Suzhou, China

Site: 6 square kilometers

The Zhangjiagang East District urban design plan encompasses 6 square kilometers of residential and commercial development connected to the Zhangjiagang city center. Designed on sustainable principles, the East District plan utilizes small blocks to encourage walkability and street activity while reducing dependence on cars. Both the regional and local commercial uses are planned to work as transit oriented development linked directly to public buses and walkable to adjacent to residential communities. The project links the existing city area with planned development to the east, and avoids demolition of quality existing buildings and roadways to conserve resources and energy.

The East District includes a number of significant waterways and an extensive greenspace system that is an amenity for residents. The landscaped road and open space system provides passive water cleansing through a network of rain gardens, marshlands and local plants that remove pollutants from the water while improving air quality and livability.




张家港市东城区城市设计方案占地6平方公里, 临近张家港市中心区,主要包括居住区和商业区。设计以可持续发展为原则,强调增加步行性和街头活动, 同时减少对汽车的依赖。在进行商业用地规划时, 计划采用联结至上的理念, 通过便利的公共交通和步行的方式把商业区和住宅区紧密地联系在一起。本项目不仅充分延伸了已存在的老城区的结构, 同时也考虑到城市向东发展的进一步可能, 避免了大量的现有建筑和道路的拆迁,节约了资源和能源。

项目的东区是一个拥有多条水道和大面积绿地的 美丽的居民区。开放空间系统通过河道、花园、湿地等, 有效的去除水中的污染 并改善空气质量和提高了区域的宜居度。这种活水公园的处理手法为城市提供了一个大型自净系统的样板。