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Zhujiang Dijing Urban Design

Guangzhou, China

Site: 290,000 square meters

Zhujiang Dijing is a waterfront site located in the Haizhu district of Guangzhou. The 290,000 sqm mixed-use project consists of a boutique office, high-rise apartment hotel tower, retail complex, office building, and underground parking. Located adjacent to the prominent Canton Tower, the tallest structure in China, the buildings are arranged with varying heights to create a dynamic, visually exciting skyline. Designed on sustainable principles, the project is connected to the Canton Tower plaza with a sky garden and green wall.




珠江帝景项目位于广州市海珠区的海滨。 这个建筑面积29万平方米的综合项目涵盖了精品办公、高层塔楼公寓式酒店、零售商场、普通办公、地下停车场。毗邻的广州电视塔是中国最高的构筑物之一。项目内的建筑呈现不同的高度,与广州塔一起创造一个动态的、赏心悦目的滨水天际线。本着可持续发展的原则, 设计中引入了空中花园和绿墙的概念以连接广州塔广场和滨江绿化带。