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Heller Manus settles into its new office under the Transamerica Tower

San Francisco Business Times, 5.17.2012
Heller Manus Architects has debuted its new office at the base of the LEED-Platinum Transamerica Tower and overlooking Redwood Park in San Francisco. The San Francisco-based architecture firm took this unique space, which formerly housed restaurants and has been empty since 2002, for its new 6,000 sf office featuring high ceilings, skylights, and views and access to Redwood Park. <PDF>

Heller Manus & Hornblower Win Niagara Falls Landing Competition

Inhabitat, 4.4.2012
Hornblower Canada, Co. has won the Niagara Falls competition with Heller Manus as the design architect to renovate the landing and entry site. The winning design creates an inviting entry and boarding area, a visitor center, and a private riverside event space. In addition, there will also be new boat touring vessels that will run cleaner and quieter than in the past.<PDF>

A Fluid Transition: Heller Manus announced as design architects for Niagara Falls Gorge scheme

World Architecture News, 3.30.2012
Hornblower Canada, Co. has won the Niagara Falls competition with Heller Manus as the design architect. The Niagara Parks Commission has selected Hornblower to provide the boat tour and landside facilities at the Niagara Falls Gorge. Heller Manus' winning design creates an inviting entry and boarding areas, a visitor's center, and waters-edge event space for Hornblower. <PDF>

Havana: Bracing for a Boom

Architectural Record, 1.19.2012
Jeffrey Heller, president of Heller Manus Architects, speaks to Architectural Record about the imminent development boom in Havana. Heller says, "Havana's harbor would be particularly attractive to foreign investors. Everyone knows the day will come when the doors will open, and it's going to be a land rush. The question is when and how fast, and how do you protect Havana in the process." <PDF>

Top 10 American home styles

MSN Real Estate, 12.2011
From art deco to Cape Cod to Spanish Eclectic, Clark Manus describes how to spot the top 10 styles that are most representative of homes in the U.S. to give MSN Real Estate readers an idea of the range and diversity of houses. <PDF>

Site Unseen:- Hot Lot: San Francisco's Executive Park

The Registry, 11.2011
Executive Park, a hidden, underdeveloped site on San Francisco's southern frontier, is poised for renewal. Under a community design created by Heller Manus Architects, the new development would include three high-rise towers among 13 residential buildings. Heller Manus Architects is responsible for the design of developer George Yerby's five buildings.<PDF>

Clark Manus in Conversation

In Design Live, 11.10.2011
Claire Saeki catches up with Clark Manus during his AIA presidency trip to Asia to visit Sendai, Japan six months after the devastating quake and tsunami, and to speak at UIA Tokyo and AIA Hong Kong on disaster mitigation, before heading to Heller Manus's new office in Shanghai, China. Clark notes the profession's role in creating buildings that are sustainable as well as architects' role in mitigating the effect of natural disasters through code upgrades and changes in material standards. <PDF>

Stalled Projects, Now in One Place

The Wall Street Journal, 11.7.2011
As part of a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) for America, the AIA, with Clark Manus at the helm as President, the AIA launched a website that catalogs stalled development projects around the country in a bid to match investors with troubled projects and restart construction.<PDF>

Interview with Jeffrey Heller, Can the World Copenhagenize?

JyskeBank TV, 10.12.2011
At the Green Growth Leaders' Take Lead Conference in Copenhagen, Brian Woodward of JyskeBank TV went for a walk with Jeffrey Heller to discuss whether the Copenhagen model can be transferred to other cities, such as cities in China. Jeffrey is a member of the Green Growth Leaders' Council, and is currently working on a number of projects in China that involve redesigning older cities to be more sustainable and livable, as well as designing new cities from scratch.<video>

Harbour One Tower awarded LEED certification

China Daily, 7.18.2011
Harbour One Tower, a 30-story high rise, has become Shanghai's first office building to be certified LEED Gold by the USGBC. Heller Manus' design focused on creating a functional, advanced landmark building with energy efficiency and environmental protection features while maintaining a level of fire protection and security consistent with the National Standards of the People's Republic of China. <PDF>

Development and City Planning in an Urban World

The Registry, 6.8.2011
Clark Manus, who presided over the AIA's National Convention and Design Exposition in New Orleans in mid-May, brings to this webinar discussion new insight into topics of deep importance to the Bay Area: the rise of regional competitiveness in a global world and the ancillary role of incorporating resilience in light of the natural disasters into the built environment. <video>

HMA cruise through the competition

World Architecture News, 5.11.2011
The Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal, designed by Heller Manus Architects with AECOM as the transportation consultant, is the winning competition entry for the design of a landmark, sustainable cruise terminal that will be the gateway to Tangshan Bay International Tourist Island in the Bohai Sea.<PDF>

Heller Manus' New Architectural Design Projects in Shanghai and Guangzhou

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 5.9.2011
Heller Manus has been awarded the architectural design contract for a project located on the Yangpu waterfront in Shanghai, and has also been leading the design of the International Fashion Center in Guangzhou.<PDF>

Designing Resilient Communities: Sustainable Survivability

AN News, 4.10.2011
For his guest column in the Korean architecture and design newspaper and following the wake of the devastating earthquake in Japan, Clark Manus, president of the AIA, advocates for a truly comprehensive approach to sustainability that takes into account how the built environment responds to the broader, natural environment. <PDF>

Guangzhou, China's future green city

L'Internaute Magazine, 4.2011
The French magazine features a slideshow, translated from French, on Heller Manus Architects' Guangzhou North and South Axes Master Plans, which aim to make Guangzhou, China's third largest city with over 10 million inhabitants, more livable and environmentally friendly.<PDF>

Clark Manus Interview: A passionate advocate for the profession

The Zweig Letter, 3.7.2011
As AIA President, Clark Manus sees himself leading the profession at a pivotal juncture — while the profession faces many challenges, designers are now getting their due recognition for their ability to create real solutions and enhance lives. <PDF>

Early Momentum for the President's "Better Buildings Initiative"

The White House Blog, 2.3.2011
Clark Manus, President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), is quoted in The White House Blog. The AIA applauds the Obama Administration's "Better Buildings" initiative as a major step forward in implementing energy-efficiency policies for which the AIA has been advocating for quite some time. <PDF>

Jeffrey Heller - Bay Area Architect Designing & Planning Sustainable Projects in China

The Planning Report, 10.2010
Jeffrey Heller details the opportunity and appeal of working as an architect in China. According to Heller, the enterprising spirit and political will in China sets it apart from the current development environment in the United States and California. <PDF>

On the Boards: Niagara Falls Gorge Boat Tour Pavilion

Architect Magazine, 5.2012
Heller Manus Architects designed Hornblower Canada Co.ís winning proposal to build new facilities for boat tours at Niagara Falls Gorge. Located on the Ontario, Canada, side of the falls, the seasonal nature of the site presented the challenge of requiring demountable structures. In response, Heller Manus proposed a removable form-active tensile covering for the entry and waterside embarkation pavilions.<PDF>

In Search of a Plan

Asia360°, 3.2012
Asia's megacities give headaches to planners as much as residents. Most cities are stuck in a jam, but a few, especially in China, have adopted ideas that could transform urban planning. Asia360 speaks to Jeffrey Heller, President of Heller Manus Architects, about HM's urban planning work in China to create a viable paradigm for the country's urbanization boom. <PDF>

The Double Life of an AIA President

Real Estate Facilities Projects Magazine, 3.9.2012
RFP Magazine interviews Clark Manus during his recent visit to Hong Kong and Shanghai. Clark Manus has stepped back from the busy role as CEO of Heller Manus to take on the hectic life as president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). As a practicing architect in a leadership position with projects across the globe, the AIA benefits from Manus' knowledge and ability to champion the architecture profession. Conversely his position as AIA president brings his firm prestige and a network. <PDF>

HellerManus HQ sets new table

San Francisco Business Times, 12.23.2011
Heller Manus Architects is taking the creative space concept to a whole new level. The firm is moving its headquarters to the base of the Transamerica Tower at 600 Montgomery St. in San Francisco. The former restaurant space, empty since 2002, features high ceilings, skylights, private entrances and access to the redwood park.<PDF>

Bloomberg's Master Class: Taking your Business Global

Bloomberg, 11.2011
Heller Manus Architects is featured in the Labor Relations and Lost in Translation episodes of Bloomberg's Master Class: Taking Your Business Global. Bloomberg speaks to Jeffrey Heller on how we took our business global, from building a base in China to our personal commitment to clients and our desire to be fully engaged in Chinese culture. <video>

Bay Area High-Speed Rail: Closer to Reality

ULI San Francisco, 11.22.2011
Drawing from his experience on Schwarzenegger's China High Speed Rail delegation, as well as his work developing sustainable and transit-oriented urban plans in China, Jeffrey Heller shared his insight on ULIsf's California High-Speed Rail panel.<PDF>

Online Database Seeks to Match Funders with Stalled Projects

ENR, 11.8.2011
As part of a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) for America, the AIA has launched the Stalled Projects Database to enable industry leaders to connect with investors and re-start projects nationwide that make solid economic sense but which lack the financing needed to be finished.<PDF>

Clark Manus, Keynote Speaker, AIA Europe Stockholm Conference

AIA Europe, 11.7.2011
Clark Manus was the keynote speaker and protagonist in this video on AIA Europe's bi-annual conference Stockholm = Green+Urban(design), May 19-23 2011. Clark notes Stockholm's unique perspective as a historical city with a desire of sustainable development and densification.<video>

An Executive Decision: Green light given for extensive urban design plans in San Francisco

World Architecture News, 8.10.2011
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the general plan and planning code amendments for Executive Park in July 2011. In the works since the 1970s when developer George Yerby entitled the unrealized office park, the newly approved zoning and plan will transform the area into a vibrant, sustainable mixed-use/residential neighborhood, consisting of 1,600 condos and apartments — 500 of which developed by Yerby and designed by Heller Manus Architects.<PDF>

The first LEED Gold Certified Commercial High-Rise in Shanghai

Sina.com, 7.20.2011
Overlooking the awe-inspiring view between Lujiazui, the Bund and North Bund in Shanghai stands Harbour One Tower which, being the city's first LEED Gold Certified Commercial High-Rise, has defined a higher standard of architecture for Shanghai. Harbour One Tower is designed by Heller Manus Architects who were recently interviewed by Bloomberg News for their outstanding achievement in sustainable design and development.<PDF>

Shedding Borders

Residential Architect, 6.2011
Jeffrey Heller speaks to Residential Architect about how China commissions are keeping the practice afloat during the economic downturn. Jeffrey made his first foray into China in 2004 when the U.S. economy was great; he recognized that what was happening was historic, and, determined to get engaged, networked his way to the first commission. Today, the firm does more than half of its work in China. <PDF>

Credit Crunch Stalls Architects

The Wall Street Journal, 6.8.2011
Clark Manus, AIA President, speaks to The Wall Street Journal about the dire need for lawmakers to act to alleviate a credit crunch that continues to stall one of the economy's biggest job-creating engines — the design and construction industry. <PDF>

AIA Focuses on Disaster Recovery, Sustainability

GlobeSt.com, 5.9.2011
The AIA 2011 National Convention, held in New Orleans May 12-14, 2011, is finding its themes of disaster recovery and sustainability to be very timely, Clark Manus tells GlobeSt.com.<PDF>

Green Growth Leaders Meet in Copenhagen

South-South News, 4.23.2011
South-South News covers the first Green Growth Leaders' Council meeting, held in Copenhagen, and interviews Jeffrey Heller, who has been appointed as a council member of this international, high-level organization dedicated to accelerating the green economy. <PDF>

AIA Perspective: A Prescription for a Healthier Nation

Architect, 4.2011
Clark Manus, president of the AIA, argues that the built environment plays a large role in shaping public health, and if architects and planners focus on creating healthier spaces, design can provide a prescription for the nation's health. <PDF>

SF Architects Tapped for More Work in China

The Registry, 3.27.2011
Jeffrey Heller speaks to The Registry about landing contracts to complete three additional urban planning and architecture assignments in China, which, similar to the firm's current projects in China, all have a steep emphasis on sustainability.<PDF>

Jeffrey Heller presents at Global Green Cities

Global Green Cities, 2.24.2011
At the Global Green Cities Symposium held on February 23-25, 2011 in San Francisco, Jeffrey Heller addresses "Urban Sustainability/Global Sustainability" in his talk on the rate of urban development in Asia, particularly in China, Bangkok and Mumbai.<video>

Architects Find Their Dream Client, in China

The New York Times, 1.25.2011
Heller Manus Architects, doing two-thirds of its work in China, speaks to The New York Times about how American architectural firms are receiving more commissions from China and how, in some ways, China is a more dynamic and opportune environment for architecture and urban design. <PDF>