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Beijing International Culture and Arts

Beijing, China

Beijing International Culture and Arts is a visionary commercial, cultural and livable model for the future of great global cities. Rising above this complex is a series of towers of complementary office, hotel and service apartment mixed uses. More than a mixed use project, Beijing International Culture and Arts is a total living environment of great urban scale that is surrounded by nature. Located next to Beijing’s famous Chaoyang Park and well positioned to the 4th Ring Road and to the international airport, the entire center is enclosed in a mountain with heavy tree planting, landscaping, and photovoltaic skylights. The mountain, with its forest of trees, will contribute to reducing the heat island effect, naturally absorb carbon dioxide, provide insulation that reduces the energy consumption for both heating and cooling, and conserve the greenscape of the city. The project is public transit anchored and will become a model for the reduction of traffic congestion in Beijing. The mixed-use program includes retail, restaurants, a convention center, an aquarium, a performance hall, and a large botanical garden. Balancing all these elements is the path to livable cities in a world of increasing population.