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Guangzhou International Fashion Center

Guangzhou, China

Site: 48,200 square meters    

Sustainable Features: LEED-NC Gold registered (art gallery and flagship)
LEED NC & CS Silver registered (office towers)

The Guangzhou International Fashion Center will house the new headquarters for Canudilo, a leading high-end men's clothing, accessories and luxury brand retailer in China, as well as substantial office and retail space, gallery for fashion exhibitions, conference center, roof gardens and underground parking. The minimalism of the building form, combined with the textures and richness of the details of the envelope, reflect the high level craftsmanship and refined, subdued aesthetics of the Canudilo brand. With more than 200 retail stores throughout mainland China, the Canudilo brand has a long history, renowned in the global market for its classic design and quality of luxury offerings, including serving as a first-line agent for international brands such as Armani, Bally, DKNY, and Samsonite.

Located in an area unique in its natural land formation and dotted with over one hundred hills, the Fashion Center's design emphasizes the natural setting by defining and preserving view corridors as well as respecting the existing topography. The four buildings are organized around a central grand plaza. An axial relationship is formed starting at the main entry to the site, through the plaza and then on to one of the many hills that anchors the northeast end of this site. The Fashion Center will pursue an environmentally sustainable design plan with energy-saving and green building methods. The art gallery and flagship store are LEED-NC Gold registered, and the two high-rise commercial office towers are LEED NC&CS Silver registered.



可持续发展特色:LEED-NC 黄金级认证(艺术画廊和旗舰店)
LEED NC & CS 白银级认证(办公楼)

广州国际时尚中心作为中国领先的高级男装与服饰配件以及奢侈品牌零售商卡奴迪路公司的新总部,提供大量的办公和零售空间、时尚展览长廊,会议中心、屋顶花园及地下停车场。简约的建筑结构和丰富的外墙纹理的细节处理, 完美的体现了卡奴迪路这个品牌高水平的制作工艺和精致的服装制作美学。卡奴迪路在中国大陆有超过200家的零售商店,以其经典的设计和奢华的产品质量而享誉国际。其也是许多国际知名品牌的一线代理, 例如阿曼尼、 百丽、 DKNY 和新秀丽。

本项目拥有其独特的地形地貌,坐落于山丘之间, 因此时尚中心的设计强调了对自然环境的尊重,通过保护和定义风景走廊,巧妙的运用了现有的地形特点。4个建筑体围绕着中央大广场。轴向关系由主入口开始,通过广场,然后指向东北方的尽头。时尚中心将继续追求环境的可持续发展设计与节约能源和绿色建筑的理念相结合。 艺术画廊和旗舰店则已取得LEED-NC黄金级认证,两栋高层商业办公塔楼已取得LEED NC&CS 白银级认证。