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Guangzhou South Axis

Guangzhou, China

Site: 15.5 square miles

This 15.5 square mile comprehensive urban master plan redesigns Guangzhou’s southern city center. The purpose of this master plan is threefold – to identify and assimilate developments, historic buildings and infrastructure worth retention; to develop a cohesive core plan that will clearly define open spaces, waterways, and pedestrian, vehicular and transit circulation patterns; and to provide a visionary framework for future urban development. This plan incorporates waterfront and transit oriented development with a ferry terminal, central government districts, and a variety of urban land uses. An inverted T-shaped greenbelt axis serves as the key concept for the master plan, creating an eco-corridor between the TV tower on the north end and the Pearl River on the south end, and connections to an east-west axis, all culminating in a major Pearl River waterfront. Mixed-use neighborhood nodes at transit stations will run along this corridor, linked to the waterfront landscape by a proposed light rail system. An east-west directional river corridor along the Pearl River will preserve wide sections of the river for public access and open space. In addition, special attention was given to the plan’s integration of traditional Lingnan culture in the design.




Heller Manus负责15.5平方英里广州南段城市中心的大型综合城市总体规划设计。本规划的目的旨在明确和透彻了解值得保留的开发项目、历史建筑和基础设施、并开发一个紧密结合的核心筒规划以清晰定义开敞空间、水道、步行、车行和转乘交通模式的、能为未来发展提供前瞻性框架的整体规划。规划将滨水及公交导向模式与轮渡码头、中央政府区以及大批城市用地相结合。总规划的核心概念是一条倒转的T字型绿化轴线,在北端的电视塔和南端的珠江之间打造一条生态走廊。该生态走廊与东西轴线相连通,并在珠江重要滨江区相汇合。各中转站的多功能社区节点将沿此走廊设置,并通过拟建轻轨系统与滨水景观相连。珠江沿岸的一条东西向河道走廊将开辟出大段河道供公众使用和建造开放空间。该设计概念的主要优势是在提高宜居舒适度的同时,实现了经济增长与可持续发展和环境保护之间的平衡。此外,规划还特别注意在设计中融入广州及部分南方城市盛行的传统岭南文化。