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Nansha Eco City General Master Plan and Urban Design

Guangzhou, China

Site: 803 square kilometers

Located at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, the 803 square kilometer Nansha design area sits between Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou’s city center. Designed as a planned eco-city, the Nansha project will transform this port zone into a sustainably responsible city that provides a new model for creating large-scale ecological urban development. The new Nansha eco-city will be home to a new administrative center, growing tourist industry, high-tech research and development facilities and an international cruise port, all linked through multiple means of transportation that create both local and regional connections through rail, ferry and air travel.

Ecologically advanced development in Nansha is accomplished through implementing sustainable strategies on multiple scales, from individual buildings to regional land planning. The highlights of this approach are found in areas of preserved wetlands, a new eco-demonstration island, and a modern port that uses the latest technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. This approach presents a new way to create eco-cities, away from the single developer model, towards an integrated development that will grow sustainably over time.



占地面积:803 平方公里

南沙设计区域位于珠江三角洲口,占地803平方公里。地处香港、澳门和广州市的区位中心。作为规划中的生态城市,南沙新区项目将探索一种可持续生态城市发展的新模式。南沙生态城将作为新的行政中心,拥有快速发展的旅游业, 高科技的研究和制造设施,国际级的邮轮港口, 并通过铁路、渡轮和空运等多种运输手段把当地和区域联系起来。