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Ulanhot Hedong District Urban Design

Inner Mongolia, China

Site: 9.42 square kilometers

Ulanhot is an inner-Mongolian city of 280,000 people that is planning to add at least another 100,000 residents to the new Hedong District in the future. Our sustainable, livable Ulanhot Master Plan spans 9.4-million square meters along the Tao-er River that separates the new City development from the old City. The plan has a future build-out of over 7-million square meters of mixed use, residential, commercial, and riverfront development. The series of compact, walkable neighborhoods connect to a natural greenway/park, which, preserving the historical watershed and drainage patterns to preserve ecology, serves as a connection to nature as well as an organizing element of the overall plan.

Adjacent to the greenway is a commercial corridor that extends from the old urban retail core into the new Hedong District. A new administrative district – the visual focus of the region that will house all of Ulanhot’s City offices – is planned on the north of the Park, adjacent to a commercial district, and ties into a regional bus terminal to create a large transit-oriented development district. With the addition of improved transportation facilities and a pedestrian-friendly park and street network, Heller Manus hopes to promote alternative means of transportation over that of vehicular use.



占地面积:9.42 平方公里

乌兰浩特是一个位于内蒙古,约有28万人的城市。 位于城市河东新区的发展计划将带来10万人口城市化的增长。本项目的延分割新旧两城区的洮儿河东侧发展,占地9.42平方公里,充分体现了城市的可持续发展性和宜居性。该项目赋予混合用地、住宅、商业、以及滨河发展区最大潜力。设计师通过步行街区连接绿色通廊和公园的方式保护原有的分水岭和排水形式,使自然和规划景观元素紧密地联结起来。

毗邻林荫大道是一个从旧市区商业零售核心区延伸到河东新区的商业走廊。 新的行政区将坐落于北边的公园,毗邻商业区,并拥有一个区域的公交总站,它将成为一个公共交通枢纽并连接新城的所有办公区。HM希望提供除了机动车外其他改善交通的设施,并建立适宜步行的公园和街道网络。