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Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal

International Tourist Island Tangshan Bay, China

Site: 26,000 square meters

The Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal is the winning competition entry for the design of a landmark terminal that will be the gateway for the major master-planned Tangshan Bay International Tourist Island, located approximately 240km east of Beijing in the Bohai Sea – the main water gateway to Beijing and the northeast region of China. The pier is designed using the finger pier configuration to achieve an optimal layout for international and domestic, large and small cruise ships. Showcasing Tangshan Bay as an ecological harbor in China, the design incorporates sustainable strategies, including a green roof to reduce runoff and the heat-island effect while providing space for native habitats to thrive; public open space, including the wetland parks in the surrounding plots, as well as the green roof; water conservation; high-efficiency and low-energy LED lighting in the terminal and for all exterior lighting; and glazing systems on southern façades to protect the building from direct solar gain. Project done with AECOM as the transportation consultant.




祥云岛国际邮轮码头设计是一个里程碑式的高端设计,HM获得了国际竞赛的一等奖并负责项目实施方案的设计。 此项目位于距离北京东面240公里的渤海海域,是从水路通往北京和中国的东北地区的大门。设计巧妙的运用了突堤式码头的特性, 使码头的布局最佳化,从而方便大小船只的停泊和运行。唐山湾作为一个在中国的生态海港展示,本设计充分的体现了可持续发展战略。例如运用屋顶绿化以减少径流;提供原生动植物成长的空间以降低热岛效应。公共开放空间包括了周围的湿地和屋顶的绿化。 此外, 可持续发展的实施还体现在了节约用水,采用高效低能的LED终端照明设备和南立面特殊玻璃幕墙的运用以防止太阳光直接照射。本项目邀请了AECOM作为交通设计的顾问。