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Commitment to Sustainability and Resilient Design

With the construction and operation of buildings now contributing up to 50 percent of the total greenhouse gases generated, and automobile commuting making up a significant percent as well, Heller Manus recognizes the key role the architecture profession serves in championing the importance of creating sustainable cities and architecture. We are committed to cutting‐edge practice in sustainable design, as well as developing strategies to cut construction and operating costs where appropriate. Currently, over half of our staff are LEED Accredited Professionals (AP).

Sustainability is not the only key to reducing the negative impact of buildings on the environment, but it helps to reduce our client’s operating costs by increasing their building’s energy, water, and sewage efficiencies. Healthy buildings in sustainable communities can be achieved by appropriate design of energy, water, and transportation, thereby reducing operating costs and attracting more tenants. We encourage our clients, whenever possible, to adopt criteria that will result in the best value for their investment. Our firm is a leader in the profession and sustainable movement with some of the first sustainable architecture and large‐scale urban planning projects in the U.S. and China, including the first LEED Gold office towers in both San Francisco and Shanghai, the first LEED Platinum neighborhood master plan in the U.S., and sustainable master plans for Guangzhou and other Chinese cities.