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Eric Lundquist

Photo by Stephany Deddo

"I share Heller Manus's long-term commitment to sustainable design and construction with buildings and master plans that will set the standard for the future. Since people are an important part of this sustainability, this commitment means working within existing contexts to create organic connections between outside and inside environments and between social space and physical space. "

Eric Lundquist
Managing Director


Eric has a strong background of nearly 29 years in architectural design, building construction, and architectural computer imaging. He supervises the development and coordination of major design projects and documents produced by the office. Eric has been with Heller Manus since its founding over 25 years ago. His experience and expertise with a variety of project types, building uses, and construction components have enabled him to develop innovative techniques that allow quick project development from initial concept to contract documents.


MA Architecture, 1980, University of Virginia
BS Architecture, 1977, University of Virginia
California Registration; Washington, DC Registration

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys walking the "Ghost Streets" of San Francisco - his favorites are: Moss Alley, Vulcan Street, Harry Street, & Pemberton Place.
  • Former DJ: Was also in a band called Knights of the Living Dead

Favorite Projects @ Heller Manus Architects

  • Park/Beach Chalet, San Francisco, CA
  • 55 Second Street, San Francisco, CA,
  • Guangzhou North Axis Master Plan, Guangzhou, China